Please see below just a few of the impacts that BWMA has made to students and parents since we began in 2005.

“My Son has been attending Blue Wave Martial arts for the last 3 years. He has taken part in numerous different activities in the past, but none that he has enjoyed as much or wanted to maintain. Not only his fitness and stamina have improved, but it has boosted his confidence massively. The club is friendly and welcoming to students of all ages and abilities and the family orientated socials are great fun too. Alex's consistent encouragement and passion for Taekwondo is exceptional and I would recommend him highly as an instructor for anyone of any age who is interested in taking up the sport.” (Helen)

“I cannot recommend Blue Wave Martial Arts highly enough. I feel it is vital in this day and age to be equipped with the skills to defend yourself, which was my main motivation for signing my daughter up. However, over the 2 years she has been a member, I have been amazed at the other skills she has amassed. I have watched her grow in confidence, build her resilience, improve her concentration levels and develop self discipline. These skills are now the cornerstone of every task she approaches, in and out of the Dojang. Classes are welcoming to all levels and abilities, with a real family friendly community feel. Alex is a dedicated instructor and it's a delight to see the enjoyment my daughter gets from the classes and the progress she is making. I feel that the values and principles taught are something she applies to her every day life and signing her up is one of the best decisions I have made” (Samantha)

“Both of my children have been attending BWMA for 7 years. I cannot praise Alex and his team highly enough. His calm, knowledgeable and supportive approach has helped them progress through the grades whilst boosting their confidence and self esteem. This is a great club for complete beginners through to experienced martial artists of any age” (Ian)

“I highly recommend 'Blue Wave Martial Arts' I enrolled my son over 2 years again now and he thoroughly enjoys his training sessions in the Dojang. He has learnt many new skills alongside Taekwondo such as self-control, discipline and concentration. Alex is an excellent instructor, very approachable and always takes time to help his students achieve their goals! I will be enrolling my daughter with 'Blue Wave Martial Arts' when she is old enough as the principles taught and the techniques used for self-defence are invaluable these days” (David)

“Our son Chester has attended Blue Wave Martial Arts since the age of 4 as a cadet and now at the age of 10 and 5th kup, Taekwondo is a staple part of his life and a sport that he thoroughly enjoys thanks to BWMA. The club is fantastic and the dedication and spirit from Alex, Kirsty and the other instructors is impeccable. The training and discipline that Alex and the other instructors have provided to Chester have made such a huge positive impact to his upbringing. Not just the Taekwondo and physical aspects of training, but assisting in other areas of his life, specifically discipline, respect, courtesy, hard work and an attitude never to give up. The club gives a feeling of being part of the local community and the students wider family are always made to feel welcome, where in more normal times the club will put on activities throughout the year where all are welcome. I would have no doubt in recommending BWMA to any adults and/or parents of children looking to take up Taekwondo and be part of this fantastic club. Thank you to Alex, Kirsty and all at BWMA!” (Kevin)

“My name is Archie, I am 13 years old and I have been with Blue Wave Martial Arts for 6 years. I really enjoy Taekwondo, it helps me with my fitness which in turn improves my other sporting hobbies. I have made many new friends older and younger. The classes are fun and Alex is always fair.” (Archie)

“Alex is a dedicated, hard working Taekwondo instructor. He is driven by getting his students up the belts. Archie is always up for attending classes. It has helped with his confidence and leadership skills. The discipline is an important factor but there is a fun aspect too. We are very pleased Archie joined Blue Wave Martial Arts, he has made some good friends and Alex is always there to give him help and advice.” (Archie's parents)

“I started my training with Blue Wave Martial arts 16 years ago with my daughter. My goal at the time was to improve my fitness and flexibility but soon found that the main benefit for me was to switch off and relax after a stressful day at the office! The club is really friendly and Alex is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He’s continually looking for ways to improve the classes and exercises to give maximum benefit to the students. During my time at the club I’ve seen many students transformed as they advance through the grades, gaining confidence, improved focus and taking on additional responsibilities helping lower grades. I’m proud to be part of a club making such a positive impact on its students.” (Mr P)