BWMA is headed by Alex Andrews, 5th degree Taekwondo, 4th Degree Urban Freestyle and a fully qualified CMAA self-defence instructor. Alex has over 25 years experience in various martial arts including several grades in kung-fu and has taught many students to black belt and beyond. Mr. Andrews is also a course trainer for the MAI UK instructor training programme.

Taekwondo is the Korean military martial art perfected in 1955 to supersede the ancient Korean arts. The word Taekwondo literally means “the art of hand and foot”. Taekwondo helps to improve fitness, concentration and confidence as well as improving self-defence skills.

Urban Freestyle A martial arts system combining Taekwondo, kung-fu,and practical, modern self-defence practices. The style is taught in 3 distinct areas; Combat (self-defence), sport (controlled fighting) and performance (demonstration).

All of our instructors are at least 5 years trained black belts with national coaching qualifications, child protection qualifications, insurance, CRB/DBS checks and first aid qualifications.

We are affiliated to the following national bodies: The Cobra Martial Arts Association, the Martial Arts Standards Agency, the National Black Belt Register and the Sports & Recreation Alliance.